Sound is for the ears but rhythm can be for the eyes too. With this Recording Studio project situated in Chipata municipality, Zambia the focus was mainly on designing a building that possesses rhythm. The building is elevated above the ground, this gives it a floating effect from the ground and creates a relationship at eye level with the street. In order to get a rather small looking building to appear big, both the elevation of the building and the glazed triple volume atrium to the front of the building helps to create this effect. Once inside the triple volume the core of the building sits directly opposite the atrium floors with a stair case that links the two floors of the recording studio and the administrative floor above. Both these floors are completely sound insulated so as to have a quiet feel within the building. The external glazing faćades are designed to let in light on the floor plates where required and completely isolate natural light in the studio where a dark looking room is ideal for the sound control and recording purposes

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